A yard is what you make of it. You can leave it plain and simple with clean-cut grass, but what’s the fun in that?

If kids are living in the house, you’re going to need a few entertaining elements outside around the house to give them something to do. Even still, if it’s just you, or you and a partner/roommate, you’re going to want to venture into your backyard when it’s nice outside to get some fresh air, do something fun, and ultimately save money.

So, what are some front and backyard additions you can bring to your outdoors? Check out some of our suggestions below and see what’s most fitting for you and your lifestyle.

Yard Games

Yard games are fun, but super-sized ones are the best! We’re talking giant Jenga and giant Connect 4 – these are both kid and adult-friendly.

Think about it, knocking those blocks down at a BBQ and defeating someone with massive poker chips sounds like a good time to us.

Hot Tub

Have a romantic night with champagne, bubbles, and your significant other, or invite a couple of close friends to throw back a bottle of wine or a couple of beers.

Hot tubs are great for any time of the year realistically because once you’re in, you’ll warm right up and have a good time.

S’mores Station with Firepit or Bonfire

Get those marshmallow sticks out of hiding, stock up on chocolate, and grab a couple of boxes of graham crackers – this S’mores station is about to be rocking!

All it takes is a few decorative trays and the correct placement to make the display pretty, then get the fire cracking and enjoy with your family and friends.

If it’s fall weather, break out the scary stories for the adults and the hot chocolate for the kids.

Fence Gardens

Grab some old cans lying around the house and hang them securely along the fence, spread out enough to not be on top of one another, but placed close enough to paint a beautiful picture. Then, plant whatever flowers you fancy inside – the plethora of colors will really brighten your yard right up.

If you have kids, this is a great opportunity to teach them how to take care of flowers.

Outdoor Movie Theater

Outdoor movie theater anyone? Sounds fun to us! Trust us, the whole fam will definitely be into this idea.

No kids? Invite your friends over, grab some snacks and drinks, and kick back and relax.

Looking for a comedy? Throw on Step Brothers. Want a drama? Gone Girl is a good idea. How about something scary? The Hills Have Eyes has you covered. And what about romance? The Notebook is an obvious classic.

All you’ll need is an outdoor projector, a white screen, and a tech device like a DVD or Blu-Ray player, or a Firestick.

Trampoline and Splash Pad Combination

Placing a trampoline underground is much safer than installing one above ground. If you’re wondering what that type of trampoline setup would look like, just research some photos and you’ll get the idea. If you’re too hesitant to install it yourself, just grab a professional and let him or her get the job done. That way, there will be minimal injury when in use, and the underground option gives the backyard a better look.

Surround the underground trampoline with a splash pad to make it super fun for the kids. That’ll also provide a great way to cool down in the summer when the heat is getting to be too much. We’re absolutely certain the adults will join in on all the splashing, too.