As a homeowner, you’ve probably had to make a decision on how often you should mow your lawn. Most of it has to do with finances… like “is it more affordable to skip a week of cutting the grass?” While it may seem like that at face value, you’ll quickly see why that’s not necessarily the case (see here). It might even be costing you more money.

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In Texas, lawn maintenance is vital to keeping a well-maintained home or business. Grass can grow fast and if you aren’t careful, it can get out of the control. So how often do you really need to cut your grass? Together, we’ll explore what works best.

The Type of Grass Matters

There are many variants of grass species in existence. Some grow thin or thick, and may grow at different speeds. Knowing the type of grass you have is important when deciding how to take care of your lawn.

Most yards in the Dallas/Fort Worth area are Bermuda, St. Augustine and Zoysia

For these types of grass, if you cut them every two weeks, it could destroy it. It can cost you a heavy price when you need to replace it. For example, if you cut every two weeks, you have to cut it down to the bottom. This will leave your grass looking patchy and even yellow or brown. While resilient, after a while it can die.

When you mow your lawn, you want to leave between 3-4 inches of grass. Cutting it shorter will leave it susceptible to disease.

Pros and Cons of Cutting Every Two Weeks


  • You only pay for mowing twice a month


  • Grass can die from being too short
  • HOA can fine you if the grass is too long
  • Grass susceptible to disease
  • More costs for irrigation and upkeep

As you can see, cutting every two weeks will increase your risk of spending even more.

The Myth of Splitting the Cost in Half

It might be hard to believe that 50% less on mowing costs might actually not be true. Sure, you don’t pay for two weeks. But as you read in the cons list, that shortcut might cost you way more in the long run.

You know the bad things at face value. The risk is higher for your grass to die. And it might cost more money to keep it watered and alive. But if you feel like that’s hard to measure, pay attention to this part.

Ideally, cutting the grass in your yard might be about 30 minutes of work when done weekly. When it’s every two weeks, the time it takes to cut can double. So it takes the same cumulative amount of time, or more, to cut your grass. Why? Because it’s so long, so out of control, that it takes more time to fix it. It’s a lot like letting your hair go out of control for several weeks. It takes your barber a lot more time to groom you when it hasn’t been maintained.

Because of this, many landscapers raise their price because of the extra time and work spent. Considering the price increase and high risks, it makes even more sense to cut every week.

Landscapers are Your Friends

When you speak with your lawn mowing company, it’s important to recognize that they are experts in their fields. They are the doctors to your grass and yard. They know what’s best for it. If you don’t understand the cost or why you should trim or cut something, feel free to ask. They would be more than happy to help.

Cutting your grass is all about working hard to make your home beautiful. Your HOA will be happy, your curb appeal would look spectacular… and most of all, you can have a yard to be proud of.

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