Have you been thinking of finally getting the grass greener on your side of the fence? LawnExpert can give you the greener grass you have been dreaming of. We are able to install gorgeous rolls of meticulous pre-grown grass you can enjoy almost immediately. Sodding involves pre-grown rolls of grass applied directly to the soil. The benefits of sodding outweigh those of growing grass from seed. When you decide to sod your lawn. your ground needs to be prepared. Once installed, you will immediately be able to reap the benefits of your sodded lawn. The best part is that you only need to sod your lawn once and keep reaping the benefits of a gorgeous, tightly-knit lawn for years to come.

Increase The Value Of Your Property Quickly

When sodding, you get a beautiful lawn immediately. Your lawn becomes beautiful and permanent in about two weeks, tops. This means that you spare yourself the professional expense of having to hire any other decorator other than your lawn sodding expert such as LawnExpert. Based in Plano, Texas LawnExpert gives you a free estimate for sodding your lawn. Why wait? You can enjoy all the benefits of the natural oxygen a gorgeous lawn produces while at the same time, enjoy a picture-perfect lawn. Not only will your lawn be a sight for sore eyes, you immediately increase your property value with very little effort. In fact, a sodded lawn may be all you need to make a tremendous difference in your home’s curb appeal. A sodded lawn may be the missing piece in the puzzle for those planning to flip their houses. You may even get your asking price and instant buyers the moment your sodded lawn is in place.

Soil Erosion Prevention

Once you install sod, you will prevent soil erosion from occurring. The reason is that sod is fully mature and easy to install. You thus get an instant measure against erosion, mud, and dust. Turf grass that has been sodded is an excellent, quick filter against dust and dirt from your home. This saves you cleaning time. It also saves you the expense of having to spend for extra cleaning products for tracked mud such as floor sanitizers, mops, floor wipes, and the like. With a sod lawn, you can have your cake and eat it too! You get the beauty and prestigious, expensive look of a well-cared-for lawn and can say goodbye to hours of cleaning mud off of everyone’s shoes.

A Greener Lawn

You know the saying the grass is always greener on the other side. Well, not when you sod. With sodding, your lawn will become greener, literally, than the other side. The reason is that you can fit sodded pieces together more tightly than when you grow your lawn from seeds. This results in an even, lush lawn. In a sodded yard, no bare spots are requiring additional work, such as reseeding and then waiting again for the required length of time. Not only do you end up with an extremely picturesque, Instagrammable lawn, you also gain curb appeal if your lawn wraps around your house This translates to increasing the value of your home tremendously.

Less Irrigation

Typically, sod that is just planted needs to be watered two times per day for the first fourteen days. Lawn seeding requires up to 5 or more waterings daily to maintain a moist-enough ground for the proper germination of seeds. This can be time-consuming and expensive. A sodded lawn is made up of grass that has been grown and harvested from seeds. We at LawnExpert know exactly how to layout the sod for maximum balance and beauty. You can say goodbye to the waiting time it takes to grow your lawn from seeds. You also save time and money not having to water your sodded lawn as much.


Sodding will give you an instant lawn where there was no lawn before. You don’t have to wait to enjoy a green, gorgeous yard. Think of it as an instant lawn. When sodding, you get a tremendous time-saving head start and don’t have to wait for seeds to grow. It takes about eighteen months to grow grass from seed. This means that when you take the route of sodding your soil, you save yourself eighteen whole months. Usually, sodding is ready for heavier activities such as lawn tennis or family sports after 2 weeks. This is your most rapid option for planting lawns adding instant beauty to your home’s surroundings.

Sod Protects Your Soil

Because sod is an already-established, thick mat of grass, it will completely cover the soil and keep everything in place. The soil is covered and thus, your boots won’t be carried into the house as you walk across your lawn. In contrast, grass seeds rest on top of the soil as you wait for eighteen months of growth. In that period, the grass seeds are vulnerable to the wind until the seeds spread, germinate and establish their growth, thus costing you more in the long run. For this reason, you might say that sod will cost less than seeds in the long run.

Say Goodbye To Weeds

High-quality sod such as the kind you can get from LawnExpert has little to no weeds. Unlike grass grown from seed that has time to grow weeds early on, our pre-cut sodding squares are pure grass. You can rest assured that you get your money’s worth and a great looking lawn that requires very little maintenance and which the kids can enjoy for years.

When you plant a lawn using seeds, the weeds can start to develop early on and you will spend much of your time eliminating them rather than being able to enjoy your lawn. When you opt for sodding, you get a high-quality, smooth finish. LawnExpert can give you a free estimate for your lawn as soon as you give us a call. Make an appointment with LawnExpert that know the value of a happy client. We value your feedback and aim to exceed your every expectation when it comes to sodding your lawn.

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